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Are German Kitchens Worth It?

are german kitchens worth it

Germany is the heart of engineering and manufacturing, and this rings true when it comes to kitchens. German kitchens are commonly considered the best in the world thanks to their top-quality design, functionality and reliability.

Not only do German kitchens dominate the domestic market, but they dominate the global market too. In fact, the German kitchens we supply at Inter Ceramica are from Nolte, a company that exports kitchens to over 60 countries worldwide.

But, are German kitchens worth it? In short, yes they definitely are. And to find out why German kitchens are considered the best, just carry on reading.

German Manufacturing is World Renowned

Germany is known for its highly-skilled and thoughtful manufacturing. When a piece of engineering, whether that’s a car or a kitchen, has been ‘Made in Germany’ you can be sure that it’s top quality.

Kitchens crafted in Germany are exquisitely engineered, made with high-quality materials and assembled with excellent attention-to-detail. Surfaces are solid and durable, and storage solutions are clever and ergonomic.

German kitchens are also manufactured and assembled at the same time. Forget about the stressful, time-wasting assembly of flat-pack furniture, and forget it’s short life-span. When you invest in a German kitchen, the units are assembled and quality-checked before shipment. So, you can be confident your kitchen will arrive in one piece.

The Best German Kitchens are Made to Fit

German kitchens are bespoke kitchens – i.e. they are made to fit – and this makes them an excellent investment. Bespoke German kitchens give you more control and customisation, allowing your money to go further.

No matter what your style is, opting for a custom kitchen means you don’t have to settle for designs you don’t love. German kitchens look as good as they operate, so you don’t need to worry about having a design that doesn’t stand the test of time.

The best German kitchens are engineered by experts at maximising space. Every possible use of space will be utilised, often in ways you hadn’t even thought of. Storage space is utilised efficiently and effectively and will be designed to meet your needs.

best german kitchens

German Kitchens are Long-Lasting

Not only are German kitchens fantastically engineered, but they are also built to last. German kitchens are tested rigorously and to high-quality standards to ensure they will function well for many years.

You can better understand the level of resilience and superior standards that German kitchens are known for by looking at kitchen culture in Germany. Here, it is very common for people to move with their kitchens when they move house. As a result, many German homes are not even sold with a kitchen!

The Best German Kitchen Brands are Clustered Together

The dominance of German kitchen manufacturers has enabled a cluster of the industry to form in Germany. Many of the best German kitchen brands are situated nearby one another.

For example, the region of Lohne in Hanover is often considered the ‘Metropolis of Kitchens’ because of the number of kitchen-related companies clustered here. The headquarters of Nolte, Inter Ceramica’s renowned kitchen supplier, can be found in the heart of Lohne.

Industry clustering enables German kitchen manufacturers to become better. Knowledge and ideas are shared, distances between firms are short, and cooperation and connections are strong, having been established over time.

Also, when firms are clustered and interconnected, investment in industry research and production process becomes easier. As a result, the design and manufacturing processes are improved more efficiently, leading to better products.

The Best German Kitchen Brands Have Experience & Knowledge

The best German kitchens come from suppliers with history, as they have built up expertise over many years. Nolte kitchens have been designing kitchens for over 60 years, and so their craft has been carefully developed over decades.

Many German kitchen manufacturers have strong histories, firm location ties and continued family ownership. When a German kitchen brand, like Nolte, is still family-owned, you can be confident that the designers and engineers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon.

Germany is home to some of the oldest, most established kitchen brands in the world. As such, German kitchens stand head and shoulders above their competition when it comes to expertise.

So, are German kitchens worth it? We certainly think so. German kitchen designers, like Nolte, stand above the competition with their wealth of experience, rigorous testing and extreme precision. A German kitchen is a worthwhile investment that will last you for years and won’t go out of style. If you’re feeling inspired, why not have a browse of our kitchen collection? For more information on bespoke German kitchens, please get in touch or take a look at our blog.