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Minimalist Style Kitchens

Modern Fitted Kitchens


In the age of decluttering, a minimalist style kitchen is a popular solution for a large or small modern kitchen.

A modern fitted kitchen that makes the most of all the space is ideal for smaller homes or kitchens that wish to reduce the space taken up by sprawling kitchen cabinet design. From wall units, concealment doors and slimline surfaces to flush-fitted appliances and nifty base units, our kitchens prove that a minimalist style kitchen can be both functional and beautiful.

Before starting the design process, our expert kitchen designer visits your home to take measurements and ensure every inch of space is used efficiently. This way, we can supply a bespoke kitchen designed to take advantage of every angle and dimension of the room, creating the modern fitted kitchen you have always envisaged.

While we can offer a tailored mix of elements from a range of brands, some popular styles include:

Nolte Vida

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly minimalist style kitchen, this is it. The VIDA cotton papyrus is made from recycled material – from engineered-wood board to finish paper.

Open units with tinted glass shelves let you display your minimalist collection of crockery and kitchen utensils and avoid the temptation of cluttered cupboards.

Nolte Legno

The Legno kitchen perfectly pairs handless cabinets with concealment doors which disappear between cabinets so you can keep electrical appliances tidily stored away.

Nolte Artwood

The panel wall of the Artwood kitchen allows you to hang elements and rearrange as needed for optimal convenience. Choose ergonomic options from raised ovens to dishwashers to help make the most of space and comfort during use.

Nolte Manhattan

Minimalist lines complement graphic style while the wood décor perfectly juxtaposes copper oxide elements. The Manhattan also features open shelf wall units for a minimalist finish.

Nolte Ferro

Discover the magic of discreet sliding doors on the CUBE open wall shelf unit which allows you to display items or neatly shut them away. The island also features open shelves at the end for easy and simple access to plates.

Nolte Soft Lack

It’s the Nolte grid system that makes the Soft Lack kitchen so perfectly minimalist with its ability to flexibly integrate all appliance brands without the need for redundant filler panels. The Le Mans corner base doesn’t let an inch go to waste, by efficiently housing numerous kitchen utensils.

Nolte Integra

Integra seamlessly couples industrial elements with a natural wood finish. The handleless cabinets work perfectly with the FLEX open shelf system.

Nolte Flair

MatrixArt base units at the end of unit rows provide a secret space to keep smaller utensils while more stylish objects can be showcased on the open shelving unit. The clean lines and lack of handles ooze minimalist perfection.

Nolte Nappa

The key to successful minimalism is smart storage, and Nappa offers this in spades. The generous pull-outs give you the space needed to be able to conceal as many of your utensils as desired. The Nappa/Plus features drawers underneath hobs, so you’re no longer contending with artificial drawers which forfeit valuable space.

English Heritage Modern Classic

This range of minimalist style kitchens features sleek elements from clean lines, open shelf units, built-in spice racks and low profile cornices to tall appliance housing and generous pull-outs.

To view examples of our modern fitted kitchens, please pop into one of our showrooms to explore the possibilities for your minimalist style kitchen.

"We have a new Nolte kitchen and tiles from Interceramica..The service overall has been excellent, particularlyJoseph Murgatroyd the kitchen designer. The kitchen was in an extension and there were a few hiccups along the way as the build progressed requiring further parts at short notice. Joseph organised exactly what was needed very efficiently so that there were no delays.He was always patient and available for further advice both during the planning and build phase. Regarding Nolte -kitchen looks good, , we love the big drawers and glass shelves in cupboards so we can easily see what's inside from below. Their kitchens do seem very carefully thought out,-for example the fitter commented on the plinth mechanism being so much easier to attach and remove than the conventional design. There was a very minor damage to one of the edges of a drawer which does look like it happened during manufacture but this is a minor quibble- overall we're very happy.customers. We first found out about Interceramica Nolte kitchens when looking for new bathroom tiles at their showroom on Easterly Road,Leeds but Harrogate is the larger showroom.Thank you Interceramica"

SUSAN Stebbing