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True Handleless Kitchens

Modern Handleless Kitchens

True handleless kitchens are the epitome of streamlined, modern kitchen design with their sleek, uninterrupted lines and clean finish. Much like you’d expect, a handleless kitchen has cabinets and drawers without handles. Instead, you’re able to open them either using finger spaces or touch mechanisms.

Handleless kitchens come with multiple benefits:

They make cupboards and drawers easier to clean. Handles can be a breeding ground for bacteria and aren’t always easy to clean.

Modern Handleless kitchens create a sleek, seamless look.

They don’t age in the same way some handle styles can and are generally safer around small inquisitive hands. Future-proof and baby-proof!

Handleless cabinets and drawers can sit flush with the front of the worktop.

Handless door and drawer profiles are perfect for integrated LED lighting

Nolte offers a range of German handleless kitchens to choose from. While we offer a bespoke supply of Nolte kitchens to be tailormade for you, here is a selection of handleless kitchens to inspire you in a range of materials, colours and finishes:

Nolte Legno

Nolte Flair

Nolte Portland Cement Anthracite

Nolte Tavola Wood

Nolte Artwood Walnut Cuba

For the look of a modern handleless kitchen but with a lower price tag, J pull handles might be the solution for you. J handles are built into the drawer front or cupboard door to help you grip the panel when opening and closing. While these aren’t quite as minimalistic as true handless kitchens, they offer a similar appearance at a more affordable price.

Nolte Sigma Lack – J Pull

Nolte Manhattan – Marble J Pull

To see the beauty of true handleless kitchens for yourself, or to explore the possibilities of J-pull solutions, visit us in our showrooms.

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