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The Best Kitchen Storage Solutions

Best Kitchen Storage Solutions in a Mereway Shaker Kitchen.

The best kitchen storage solutions are practical, organised and, above all, make life more straightforward for the user. With so much innovation and ingenuity, there’s a huge range of choice when it comes to kitchen storage.

A bespoke luxury kitchen allows you to be selective with your kitchen storage solutions, offering you the chance to design well-tailored cabinets, drawers and shelving units to suit your needs with precision.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the best kitchen storage solutions on offer, and how they function even better when tailor-made.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

  • Tall Larder

Ideal for both large and small kitchens, a bespoke tall larder is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet storage solutions. Maximising the vertical space in your kitchen is a fantastic idea; you achieve a substantial amount of storage while sacrificing minimal floor space.

The interior of a tall larder can be designed and organised to your preferences and kitchen needs. The number of shelves and shelf height, and any other kitchen cabinet organisation ideas you have in mind, can be expertly tailored. And, of course, we’ll work together to choose the colour and type of handles that will best suit your aesthetic.

You can even incorporate pull-out drawers or shelves into your tall larder cabinet. These make for improved accessibility, a neater appearance, and a more organised interior. And, you can be selective with your aesthetic. For example, a traditional or shaker style kitchen would look fantastic with wooden drawers, whereas metal would look sleek in a minimalist space.

  • Pull-Out Larder

If you’re looking for a modern and clever way to improve your kitchen organisation, incorporating a pull-out larder is one of the best kitchen storage solutions. They’re smooth, practical, easy to use, and look ultra-sleek.

A pull-out larder is a kitchen cabinet that you, as the name suggests, pull outwards. They are typically narrow and floor-to-ceiling height, however, with a bespoke kitchen your pull-out larder will be customisable. For more insight into bespoke kitchens, have a read of our dedicated blog post.

Pull-out larders help to maximise the depth of your kitchen cabinet as you can reach its very front and back with ease. You can also access a pull-out larder from both the left and the right, helping you navigate the kitchen efficiently.

  • Open Display Wall Cabinet

Incorporating an open display wall cabinet is a very on-trend storage solution. Displaying your crockery, glasses, and bottles is a simple yet effective way of turning your kitchen storage into a unique piece of interest, too.

An open display wall cabinet makes it easy and efficient to grab what you need when you need it. And, as you can see what you own with a quick glance, an open display can encourage you to use any kitchen items that you’ve been neglecting.

A Mereway Signature Kitchen featuring kitchen cabinet storage solutions like open display shelving and tall larders.

Kitchen Corner Solutions

  • Carousel Corner

It’s normal to feel frustrated and confused about how to utilise your kitchen corners. They’re awkward yet valuable spaces, and with a bespoke kitchen, you can choose from a range of kitchen corner solutions that will work well in your space.

One of the most popular kitchen corner solutions is the carousel corner. When you open your corner kitchen cabinet, you’ll find a clever storage mechanism that slides out around the corner for easy access. Incorporating a kitchen carousel into your bespoke kitchen design is a creative way to ensure no space goes to waste.

You can store an array of kitchen items in a sturdy carousel corner, including cookware, crockery or dry foodstuffs. The carousel mechanism gives you easy access to these items, and is convenient for cleaning, too.

  • Curved End Cabinets

We can create curved end cabinets or curved base cabinets for your kitchen corners. Whether that’s on wall-mounted cabinets, or the edges of your kitchen island, curved cabinets are a great way to make use of every inch of space.

Not only do curved cabinets look incredibly subtle and elegant, they also give a softer feel to the space and help to promote flow.

A Mereway Shaker Kitchen featuring kitchen corner solutions including a curved end cabinet.

Kitchen Utensil Storage Ideas

  • Rail Storage

Including rail storage in your kitchen is a brilliant way to maximise otherwise wasted space, and save on cupboard and worktop space.

Hanging up your utensils, even just your must used pieces, is a great idea because they’re easy to grab, and can be situated right by your oven or hob for maximum efficiency.

  • Interior Drawer Organisers

Interior drawer organisers are incredibly common for a reason; they’re simple, neat, and easy to keep organised. With a bespoke kitchen design, interior drawer organisers can be tailor-made to fit your utensils with precision.

Nowadays, we have a lot of utensils and cutlery, so kitchen utensil storage ideas that keep everything neat and tucked away are ideal. Drawers can be as shallow or deep as you need them to be, and your interior organisers will be designed to fit seamlessly inside.

In particular, Nolte Kitchens have some brilliant kitchen utensil storage ideas. For example, you can incorporate lighting into your drawers so you can easily see everything that’s in there.

Nolte Kitchen Lux Quarzgrau Drawers as modern kitchen utensil storage.

Cookware Storage Ideas

  • Deep Drawers

Deep drawers are ideal for easy access, especially when cookware is involved. Your cookware collection probably contains some of your biggest and bulkiest kitchen items, so drawers that are easy to reach, see, and navigate are ideal. It makes the whole cooking process less awkward and more comfortable.

The depth (and width) of your drawers is down to you and your cookware needs, so you can be confident that your pots and pans will comfortably fit inside. Deep drawers are especially practical as they make cookware accessible for shorter household members. And, with an overhead view, you can quickly see everything that sits inside.

Another benefit of deep drawers is that, more often than not, they can fit comfortably underneath your hob. This makes sense in regards to your kitchen layout, enabling a more efficient and streamlined cooking experience.

For deep drawers that look super sleek and modern, check out our true handeless kitchens.

Nolte Kitchen deep drawers make for great cookware storage ideas.

  • Rail Storage

Rail storage is one of the most classic cookware storage ideas. It looks particularly great in a traditional or industrial themed kitchen, and gives your kitchen a lived-in feel.

Displaying your pots and pans using rail storage is a fantastic way to save on drawer and cabinet space, especially considering the bulkiness of cookware. It also makes for easy access and cuts out time spent cleaning drawers and shelving.

As you can always see your rail storage, you’ll be much more inclined to keep it neat and organised. And, it serves as a great, eye-catching point of interest in the kitchen. Rail storage also keeps cookware out of your way, making use of wall space that may not have otherwise been utilised.

  • Pot Rack

One of the most traditional and cool ways to store your cookware is by hanging it up via a pot rack. Whether that’s from your ceiling or your island, hanging up pots and pans is a cookware storage idea that will never go out of style.

Of course, one of the best things about a pot rack is that it keeps your cookware out of the way and optimises the use of space. Hanging pot racks also allow for flexibility. They can be tailored to the width that you need and can be hung at a height that makes sense for your family members.


As you can see, these are some of the best kitchen storage solutions on offer. And, with a bespoke kitchen, you can be selective and precise about how you want to incorporate these storage features into your kitchen, maximising on space in the process.

If bespoke kitchen storage solutions sound of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts. Or, come by to one of our showrooms to get a feel for our kitchens in person.

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