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Kitchen of the Month

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Kitchen of the Month

For this months kitchen of the month, we are focusing on the debate of a contemporary kitchen or traditional kitchen – and it may not be as easy as you think!

Contemporary vs Traditional


The traditional style, as the name suggests has been around for many years; although there may have been a few changes you can easily tell a traditional kitchen to a contemporary. Quite often in a traditional kitchen there will be shaker style cabinetry, the use of tiles for splashbacks, always handled cabinetry quite often featuring some intricate design and will always feature wood. Wood may be featured on an island, as the flooring and the cabinetry will always have been made from some form of wood. A Nolte country style kitchen isn’t far off, here we have the shaker style ‘Windsor’ cabinetry in Quarz Grey, paired with traditional style knob handle, wooden worktops and a grand oven.


Nolte are well known for their modern, German style contemporary kitchens including the renowned handless cabinetry. A contemporary kitchen is constantly changing; with new technology and ideas, the look of a kitchen in the contemporary world can be difficult to keep up with. Often fairly minimal cabinetry, which can come in a variety of colours and materials – including concrete! Furthermore, they will be either handless or include large statement handles and paired with a range of splashbacks from mirrored, Dekton and tiles.

It often can be a decision between making the worktop the talking point or the splashback; scaling down a worktop can complement the minimal style cabinetry or oversizing ensures it is the centre of the room. A range of appliances can work with a contemporary kitchen from Bosch, Neff to the ultra Sub-zero and Wolf; likewise with the integration of smart appliances to make your kitchen extremely functional.

Similarly, one of our favourite Nolte kitchens would be Flair with Ferro, a daring yet bold statement kitchen. The handless ‘Flair’ cabinetry in black works exceptionally well with the metal ‘Ferro’ cabinetry in Corten Steel. With this combination you don’t need an oversized worktop or impressive splashback – it’s all about the industrial look. An example of industrial design can be viewed in the Harrogate showroom.

Therefore, if you are in the market for a contemporary kitchen then Nolte is the perfect solution for you; innovative German design makes Nolte a cut above the rest. The designs are inspirational as well as extremely adaptable. Considering everything including the fine details of lighting and storage solutions Nolte ensures that very little space is wasted.

What about traditional contemporary?

If you can’t decide why not attempt to combine the two? As featured on Houzz there have been a few developments on the traditional contemporary style. While for some the choice is obvious, either completely contemporary or totally traditional; however, the decision is not always so straight cut. As a result, some may prefer the features of modern but live in a traditional style house and vice versa; by combining the two styles well enough to achieve a harmonious finish you conquer this issue.

Perhaps by having a traditional kitchen, you could add in a few little modern touches. These can be as little as swapping knob handles for larger, sleeker handles; or adding an elegant worktop which compliments the traditional kitchen but brings a modern feel. Alternatively, if you are more drawn to a more contemporary look but quite like that shabby chic style why not go for minimal cabinetry paired with wooden cabinetry or worktops, there you have a chance to pair the wood look with the shabby chic features such as rustic bar stools.

As a result, we have chosen our favourite; a gorgeous deep blue and minimal cabinetry with an extremely complimenting oak truffle wood. Consequently, the kitchen can be made completely contemporary (as below) or by introducing a large oak table and adding rustic features this kitchen can transform into an excellent example of a traditional contemporary design.

Inter Ceramica works exclusively with Nolte Kitchens – Germanys second largest kitchen supplier and voted the best German kitchen supplier for the last two years running. Inter Ceramica is the only supplier of Nolte kitchens in Yorkshire.

If you require more information or to organise a free design service with one of our expert designers please contact us.