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Harrogate Kitchen – A Tiled Splashback

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Would You Choose Kitchen Tiles For Your Splashback?

Finding the perfect splashback for your kitchen can be somewhat difficult; so many different options and constantly changing trends. It is worth investing some time and thought into your options, as the right splashback makes a huge difference to your kitchen. In the Harrogate kitchen showroom, we have just added to our repertoire of splashback variants by using a decorative tile pattern. We already have a stunning Dekton ceramic splashback (below, left), and a reflective bronze mirrored glass one (below, right), but our intricate décor kitchen tiled splashback is a stylish & eye-catching alternative which works within both a contemporary or traditional setting.


So-  Which Tile Do I Use?

When looking at tiling a splashback it is good practice to make the decision of either blending the splashback to match the surfaces or the cabinets OR to use a pattern to make the splashback the main visual focus. The tile you choose can transform the look of your kitchen so it is worth taking the time to find the right tile for you.

For our new kitchen splashback, we started with a few different tiles, varying in colour, sizes, textures and effects and paired the tiles with the kitchen. See these options below:

TIP: Try not to do what we did and paint the splashback first! This made it very difficult to visualise the tiles against a coloured background.
Image 1

Firstly, we tried some wood effect tiles for our kitchen in Harrogate which could be tiled in a herringbone format, however due to the limited space, it would perhaps not create the desired effect. The other option was the traditional patterned tile, however the sandy colour clashed with the worktop. Whilst the plain brick tiles from our Ikon range are beautiful, they were a touch too bland for this kitchen.

Image 2:

Here you can see our characterful Metro tile option, offering vibrant tones which would stand out against the worktop. The rich colours of the Metro tiles accented the kitchen very nicely and would have been a great choice. However, we decided to test out one last range before settling on our final choice.

Image 3:

The winner! Our brand new Cemento BS decorative porcelain 20×20 tiles instantly looked perfect with our Harrogate feature kitchen. They are a lovely bold option with a range of different patterns and are available in matte or semi-polished. We have used the matte tiles here, to contrast the gloss white kitchen doors & shiny chrome handles. The unique pattern on the Cemento BS tile made for the finishing touch to this Nolte German kitchen.

This tile makes a larger impact than the plainer options, despite being perhaps a more unusual tile. This shows the importance of properly assessing your splashback options; especially as some people might not even consider this tile in comparison to the more standard kitchen splashback choices.

It is important to show our kitchen customers an example of as many options available to them for their splashback; as a patterned tile splashback such as this can be extremely difficult to visualise otherwise.

Our improved kitchen with decorative tiles (images below) is now complete and we love it!

If you are in need of advice about a kitchen splashback, simply fill out our contact form and a member of the team will be in touch.

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