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How to Make A Bathroom Look Bigger

Bathroom with brown cupboards.

Making your bathroom look bigger can easily be achieved by transforming your space into looking and feeling larger to create the relaxing space that you need. When you aren’t happy with your bathrooms size and décor, the usual rush to get ready can often be made to feel more stressful. Yet when deciding to redecorate your home, the bathroom can often be overlooked.

To give you an idea of how to overcome this, why not explore our four tips for how to make your bathroom look bigger?

Glass shower screen and white floating sink.

Ideas to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

1. Tiles

A small bathroom can easily feel overwhelming, yet have you ever considered if this could be due to the type and shape of tiles in your bathroom? Small bathroom tiles on your walls or flooring within a small space will emphasise that cramped feeling.

Making a bathroom look bigger can be simply achieved by using the right tiles. For a more spacious design, using large tiles results in fewer grout joints resulting in the grout appearing more widely spread apart. Larger tiles and fewer grout joints always make a space look bigger and more open.

One way for how to make a bathroom look bigger is to elongate the room. This is easily achievable by using full wall-height tiles to draw the eye upward or, to make your bathroom appear wider or longer, using plank shape tiles will aid in opening up your space. If your preference is to have painted walls instead of tiled, keep this to a natural shade or a light pastel blue to create calming connotations.

If you take one tip from our list of ideas to make a small bathroom look bigger, it is to think crisp and clean. You could always add in pastel coloured accessories or light wood tones, as bold colours will deter from the large tiles. Why not consider large Italian porcelain tiles which are more suitable to be used on bathroom floors and walls? An additional benefit of the porcelain tiles is that they are non-porous and brilliant at creating a warmer bathroom in winter months.

Bathroom cabinet with back lighting and a floating sink.

2. Lighting

Lighting plays a huge part in understanding how to make your bathroom look bigger. If you have natural light through your windows, bouncing that light around the room with the use of mirrors will instantly make your space feel larger.

With these mirrors think big! Having a long and large mirror that covers the width or height of the room will complement the large white tiles to make the room appear more open. If you don’t receive a lot of natural light or have a windowless bathroom, you could try ceiling spotlights or LED mirror lighting which will aid in elongating the room.

Floating toilet to make the floor look bigger.

3. Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures are something to invest in as they are permanently plumbed or wired in to your bathroom. Each type of fixture, such as bathtubs, toilets, sinks and taps, should be considered to see if a change can help in making a bathroom look bigger.

Bathtubs: With a smaller bathroom, you need to consider if a bathtub is essential. If it is, then having a showerhead above your bathtub is more convenient in design. If you are stuck for floorspace, having a glass shower enclosure with either a sliding or pivot door will make your bathroom appear more open rather than having a shower curtain which will block the natural light.

Toilets: To give your bathroom a contemporary feel, a wall-hung toilet is a great choice. Here, the pan is mounted upon a metal frame behind the wall, and the cistern is built into the frame.  Not only does this mean that the floor is less cluttered, but this also gives opportunity to the large Italian porcelain tiles to be truly appreciated. Alternatively, a fully back-to-wall closed coupled toilet is great to save fixture space.

Sink and Taps: Your sinks and taps can harmoniously complement the toilet, bathtub and/or shower by using the same brand, texture and colour of fixture. This will also help in making your bathroom look bigger. A luxury bespoke bathroom design can effectively maximise your bathroom space whilst taking the stress out of your redesign.

Bright white bathroom with under sink storage.

4. Storage Solutions

Dependent upon your space, there are many storage solution ideas to make a small bathroom look bigger. A wall cabinet allows for all bathroom products to be stored in one area, meaning that the sides of the sink and window ledge can be left clear. This will continue the open and bright flow created by the light large tiles, mirrors and lighting.

If you prefer not to place a mirror across the width or height of the room or install spotlights as recommended earlier, having mirrored cabinets with LED lights is a great alternative. For more traditional décor, having an under sink cabinet is also a great option.

If you are quite a minimalistic person and feel that a whole cabinet would be a waste, why not have an open wooden shelf that is as long as one of your walls to place a few items on? This emphasises the elongation of your bathroom.

We hope you found these tips useful on how to make a bathroom look bigger. If you would like a luxury bespoke bathroom design to transform your space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the Inter Ceramica team.