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How to Make a Kitchen Feel Bigger

Large modern kitchen with brown and grey cupboard doors.

As the heart of every home, you want your kitchen to feel bigger, more open and a welcoming space. Whether you love cooking or entertaining, a modern kitchen design for small space can easily be achieved with these ten tips for how to make a kitchen feel bigger. Here, we explore ideas and themes that you may not have considered for your kitchen, such as how a minimalist style kitchen can benefit many smaller spaces.

How to make a kitchen feel bigger

1. Light colour schemes

The best colour scheme for your kitchen to appear more open and bright is light and white colours. Neutral tones are a timeless classic for your kitchen units, and you can complement two or more of these light colours with each other. If you prefer a pop of colour in your kitchen, you can accessorise with bold colours in your kettle, toaster, microwave, utensils and crockery.

2. Worktop

Your kitchen worktops are an important choice; you want them to be durable, aesthetically pleasing and work well in your home. Whether you choose a worktop that complements or contrasts your kitchen units, it’s best to consider how your family will use it. Lighter wood worktops are great for bouncing light around the room, but if you have young children you may be cleaning sticky fingerprints more often. A darker wood or granite worktop adds an element of luxury to your kitchen, no matter the size. If you’re stuck for choice, our laminate Nolte kitchen worktops are available in 111 colours!

Grey large kitchen with marble worktops.

3. Porcelain floor tiles

A modern kitchen design for a small space should focus on the flooring choice. To make your space feel bigger, your flooring needs to give the illusion of elongating and widening your kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen floorplan, large porcelain floor tiles are a great choice to easily make a kitchen feel bigger as the grout joints are more widely spread apart. Not only are porcelain tiles durable and can withstand heavy footfall, but there’s but there’s also the option to install underfloor heating underneath them. These tiles are an economic choice for making sure your kitchen stays warm and stylish, and they also open up the space that a radiator would have taken up.

4. Splashback choice

If you want your wall behind your hob and sink to stay mess-free and as clean as possible, a splashback is a must. Splashbacks are available in a range of materials to benefit your kitchen style. For instance, a stainless steel splashback is great for reflecting light around the room as it acts as a mirror to make your kitchen feel bigger. For a seamless and monochromatic style, a glass or acrylic splashback has the benefit of protecting your walls and are an easy way to add a splash of colour in your kitchen.

White kitchen with blue kitchen island.

5. Consider your kitchen cabinets

Depending on the size of your kitchen, the two kitchen cabinet choices that will make your kitchen instantly feel bigger and more inviting compared to solid kitchen cabinets are glass doors and open display cabinets.

Glass door kitchen cabinets and open display wall cabinets are an effective way to make your kitchen feel larger as they let the natural light in. These cabinets are also a way of displaying your best crockery and will remind you to keep your cabinets organised and decluttered.

Open cabinets have the added benefit of being one of the best kitchen storage solutions to make your kitchen feel more open and welcoming. They’ll  also saves you time whilst cooking as you can easily grab what you need.

6. Integrated appliances

Large, bright kitchen appliances in your kitchen can often look bulky and can take away from the aesthetic you are trying to create. Integrated appliances offer you a way to conceal these appliances behind kitchen cabinet doors and give a seamless and uniform appearance across your kitchen.

Large cream kitchen with a kitchen island and open cabinets.

7. Handleless kitchen designs

True handleless kitchen units create a sleek and modern finish in any home. Like the name implies, kitchen units and drawers without handles can be opened by touch mechanisms or press points. Not only do handless kitchen designs create a unified look, but they are also a much cleaner choice as kitchen handles can host a lot of bacteria.

8. Minimalist style kitchen

A minimalist style kitchen is a modern and sophisticated way to ensure your kitchen stays decluttered and your worktops are for essential items only. A minimalist style kitchen keeps your kitchen tidy and organised, and helps you to keep this mindset throughout your home. One way to achieve this look is with the use of true handleless kitchen units and integrated appliances, both of which offer clean lines and a functional, flawless design.

Dark brown handleless kitchen units with integrated appliances.

9. Lighting

Lighting plays a huge factor in creating a pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen. You want to direct your eyes up, so it’s best to avoid low hanging pendant lights. Instead, spotlights brighten up a room, and they don’t take up any ceiling space as a hefty light shade can.

For a touch of luxury in your kitchen, under cabinet lighting also makes your kitchen feel bigger as the light bounces off from your kitchen worktop. Most under cabinet lighting come with a colour changing feature for those who like to host gatherings with friends and family.

10. Utilise all the space

For a kitchen to feel bigger, you need to declutter all of your kitchen cabinets and worktops. Do you really need that old mug that hasn’t been touched in years? Only keep crockery, utensils, mugs, glasses and electrical appliances that you use often; if you haven’t used the item recently, it’s probably time to give it a better home.

To utilise all available space in your kitchen, a bespoke kitchen designer can create a functional and timeless kitchen in your home to make the most of all the available wall and floor space.

Inter Ceramica have a team of expert designers who can help you to maximise all the space your kitchen has to offer. Here at Inter Ceramica, we have a range of kitchen styles to suit every home such as:

For a luxurious and personalised kitchen design in your home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Inter Ceramica team.  We have kitchen designers in both our Harrogate and Leeds showrooms. Both Karen and Joe are experts in design which ensures that they can help create your dream kitchen with everything you want including professional advice throughout the process.

For more advice on making other rooms in your home feel larger,  you may find our blog post How to Make a Bathroom Look Bigger useful.