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Types of Porcelain Tiles

Different Types of Porcelain Tiles


We supply a vast range of porcelain style types so you can match the porcelain tile finishes to your home décor. Different types of porcelain tiles perfectly replicate multiple materials, giving you the unique character of natural finishes and the quality of porcelain in one product. Our types of porcelain tile finishes include:

Wood Effect

These textured tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes to imitate the natural texture and appearance of wooden planks and hardwood flooring. There are many benefits to choosing wooden porcelain over laminate which we explain on our page dedicated to wood effect tiles.

Metal Effect

Metal effect tiles are a superb alternative to real metal cladding or flooring and offer a modern architectural edge to your home. Find out more about our metal effect tiles here.

Concrete Effect

Industrial chic is all the rage and few things achieve this trend better than the concrete effect porcelain. It can be used as wall cladding or flooring, offering both versatility and style. Learn more about concrete effect types of porcelain tiles here.

Marble Effect

If you like the classic, timeless look of marble but are hesitant to invest in flooring that stains and requires continual maintenance, our marble effect porcelain is the perfect solution. Discover the benefits of marble effect porcelain here.

Stone Effect

Ideal indoors and outdoors, stone effect tiles offer minimalist sophistication and a blank canvas for daring décor choices. Explore the range of stone effect tiles here.

Our tiles come in a variety of sizes, shapesnd we are always on hand to help you decide which types of porcelain tiles would be best in your home. Whether you’re looking for exterior or interior tiling, wall or floor tiles, our skilled designer can walk you through the selections so that your final choice accurately reflects you.

"Needed a few visits and plenty of advice before I made my purchase. They were always helpful and loaned me a couple of tiles to get a feel for the finished effect. Overall a great service, would recommend, and would buy from them again."

Mr Kubas