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WarmUp Floor Heating

WarmUp Underfloor Heating


Whether you’ve invested in a new bathroom, kitchen or a tiled floor, Warmup floor heating is the perfect finishing touch.  Warmup Underfloor Heating is the leading brand in the industry, with products backed by a lifetime guarantee.

If you’d like to calculate rough running costs ahead of installation, Warmup offers a service that estimates your running costs at the design stage. Another way to become more energy-efficient is with the Warmup thermostat which allows you to choose your ideal temperature in specific zones of your home, scheduled precisely to your chosen times. The SmartGeo™ thermostat automatically sets your home to be warm when you arrive home and run it efficiently while you’re out of the house, thanks to its WiFi connectivity. You can also keep an eye on your energy consumption with the graphical energy monitor and the Active Energy Management helps you choose the most efficient temperature for each room of the house.

Another benefit of Warmup underfloor heating is the design freedom it provides. With underfloor heating, you no longer need radiators on the walls, meaning you are no longer restricted by which walls you can or can’t place furniture against.

Additionally, underfloor heating promotes a safer environment. By omitting the need for radiators, there are no longer any hot surfaces or hard edges posing risks to children or babies. The radiant nature of the heat also cuts down air circulation and humidity, also reducing the number of dust mites and allergens in the air in your home.

Heat your space evenly and enjoy a toasty floor when you step out of the shower, whilst you’re cooking, or when you get out of bed in the morning. Get in touch with us to discuss the Warmup underfloor heating options for your home or check the features in our brochure.

"bought a kitchen and 2 bathrooms the guys were professional and thorough. highly recommend."

giles castleton