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Meet our Kitchen Designer

At Inter Ceramica we know choosing your new kitchen can be a daunting task, and added to that are the technical considerations of sizes, electrical work, extraction and a whole range of others such as light, worksurface and how you use your kitchen.

That’s why having an experienced designer who not only listens to your needs and aspirations, but is also able to turn them into a functional fitted kitchen, is vital.

At Inter Ceramica our Designer has over 10 years of industry experience. He has designed kitchens for all manner of clients and properties. Kitchens of all sizes including cottages, Farm houses, loft apartments and list buildings, there is nothing our designer hasn’t seen. With a background in Town Planning, he is even able to give ideas and advice at planning and design stage for extensions and new builds, giving our customers the information they need to design their extension around the kitchen they want! Meet our Designer – Joseph Murgatroyd

From clients new and old, to celebrities, Mayors and people with special considerations such as disabilities or people who use their kitchen for business; his wealth of knowledge should make designing your new kitchen a breeze, no matter what your requirements are.

“A good Designer will listen to your ideas and challenges, and be able to present a range of options, giving you inspiration as well as the control over how the kitchen is designed, but in a way that ensures the design works and won’t cause problems when the kitchen comes to be installed” 

Working exclusively with Nolte German kitchens at Inter Ceramica’s Harrogate showroom, our Designer has never been happier with the quality of the product and flexibility of the designs he is able to create.

“Nolte kitchens are far superior to any of the kitchens I have worked with previously. The attention to detail in the finish, the efficiency of delivery and ordering, to the sleek sophisticated look of Nolte, they are a joy to work with… Not to mention the enormous choice of colours, sizes and storage solutions!”

In his spare time, Joseph enjoys playing the guitar, keeping fit, and is a keen gardener and DIYer.

“Visiting the site when a kitchen is being fitted and working closely with our recommended installers is really important, especially for more complex kitchen designs and I love seeing the design come to life…It’s also  is a huge reassurance to the customer to know the Designer is still invested in making sure things go to plan.”

As part of our first class range of the finest Italian tiles, Designer Bathrooms and Nolte German kitchens;- we know that a first class product has to come with a first class service.

“You could order the most expensive, lavish kitchen in the world, but if it isn’t designed properly it may not be the joy to live in that should be, or it might not be feasible to install at all. Most issues with kitchen installations are due to the kitchen not being designed or ordered correctly to begin with. It’s really important to measure the kitchen and see the space on site yourself, and listen to the customer’s needs, designing the kitchen that’s right for them and the space. All while ensuring that the electrics, plumbing, access and ergonomics are considered.”

So if you are considering a new kitchen purchase, make sure your designer is able to give you the best advice, we are confident that Joseph will have lots of great ideas for your new kitchen, and create a workable design that is right for you, the space and how you use it. Not only that but he will be able to advise on the huge range of appliances, tiles and worksurfaces Inter Ceramica supply. He looks forward to making your kitchen dreams come to life.

At Inter Ceramica we work exclusively with Nolte German kitchens, and provide the full room solution including tiles appliances and worksurfaces. Fill out our contact form or call our Harrogate showroom (where we have 4 beautiful Nolte kitchens on display) for more information.