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Our Porcelain Tiles

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At Inter Ceramica, we are very proud of our unique relationship with the leading tile manufacturers in Italy. As a result, our hand-picked range of Italian porcelain tiles offers our customers the look, quality and service that they desire, at a price point that they will love. There are many advantages to porcelain that sets it apart from other products, which include but are not limited to:


Porcelain tiles are kiln-baked at a 1150°C, which is what makes porcelain such a strong material. Despite their delicate appearance, a porcelain tile will never wear, and providing that they have been installed correctly, they are totally crack-proof. Porcelain tiles are also fully frost-proof, meaning that they are suitable for internal and external use, whether that be floors, walls, or even cladding for high-rise buildings!


Italy is the world-capital for stunning aesthetic design in just about every industry, and tiles are no exception. The effortlessly natural appearance of porcelain tiles is due to to the extreme precision and scale of the production process. As the industry has developed, almost any appearance or texture can be achieved in Italian porcelain, which has given rise to highly convincing wood, stone, metal, concrete and marble effect tiles, among many others.


Italian porcelain tiles are baked with a glaze, so once they have been installed, they require no sealing or maintenance whatsoever. Porcelain tiles are suitable for wall & floor installation, unlike many ceramic products. They are easy to keep clean, and work fantastically with underfloor heating.

Below are some examples from our Italian porcelain tile range, listed by aesthetic category:

Wood effect – Legno DK

Our on-trend wood effect tiles will give your floor or wall the natural look, but with the water-proof durability of porcelain.
Suitable for: Walls, Floors, Commercial & External
Wood effect tiles, Wood look tiles, wood effect porcelain tiles


Stone effect – Nordic Stone

Our stone effect porcelain tiles will give you all the character and charm of real stone, however, without the tedious maintenance & aftercare.
Suitable for: Walls, Floors, Commercial & External
Stone effect tiles, stone effect porcelain tiles, stone look tiles


Marble effect – Marmo Antique

Similarly, our timeless range of marble effect porcelain tiles will instantly give your room a grand and luxurious feel.
Suitable for: Walls, Floors, Commercial & External
Marble effect tiles, marble porcelain tiles, marble tiles


Concrete effect – Ikon

Our concrete range is extremely popular due to the subtle yet alluring textures within the tile pattern. The colour palette in this range offers dark, cool & warm tones.
Suitable for: Walls, Floors, Commercial & External.
Concrete tiles, concrete effect tiles, concrete look tiles


Contemporary Porcelain Tiles – Metallo

Whether you require an eye-catching feature wall or flooring for a large room, the Metallo range will give any space a unique architectural feel.
Suitable for: Walls, Floors, Commercial & External.
Metal effect tiles, contemporary tiles, metal look tiles, designer tiles


Designer Porcelain Tiles – Piazza Decorative

If you are looking for some finishing touches to any space, we offer a wide range of decorative and designer tiles that will certainly add a splash of colour or texture to any area, big or small.
Suitable for: Walls, Floors, Commercial & External
Colours & Patterns:
Designer tiles, decorative tiles, kitchen tiles, small tiles

To view our tiles online click here or visit one of our three showrooms located in Harrogate, Leeds & Huddersfield, and have a friendly chat with an expert to begin your Inter Ceramica tile journey.