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Terms & Conditions

The following conditions apply to all contracts between Inter Ceramica (“the company”) and the Customer referred to below and shall override any terms or conditions stipulated or referred to by the customer whether orally or in writing unless expressly set out herein and accepted by the company in writing.


In these conditions:

  • ‘Condition’ means the standard terms and conditions of sale;
  • ‘Contract’ means the contract for the supply of Goods made between the Buyer and the Company;
  • ‘Goods’ means the goods, products and materials manufactured, imported, supplied and or delivered for or by the Company to Buyer;
  • ‘Company’ means Inter Ceramica which is the trading name of Limited, trading as Inter Ceramica | Registered in England & Wales Company Number: 04173867 | Registered office Unit I3A, Hornbeam Park Oval, Hornbeam Park, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG2 8RB. VAT No. 722 0004 07
  • ‘The Buyer’ means the customer seeking to purchase goods from the Company.


2.1 These conditions shall:

2.1.1 govern sale of Goods by the Company to the Buyer and

2.1.2 be to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions referred to, offered or relied on by the Buyer whether in negotiation or at any stage in the dealings between the parties, including any standard or printed terms tendered by the Buyer, unless the Company specifically stated in writing, separately from such
terms, that it wishes such terms to apply and this has been acknowledged by the Company in writing.

2.2 Company quotations, estimates or tenders shall be non-binding and shall not be construed as acceptance by the Buyer. By placing the order for the goods, the Buyer declare its unconditional acceptance of the conditions.


3.1 The price of Goods shall be given on the date the Buyer places the order and will be confirmed on the invoice. In the event of any increase in cost, the Company reserves the right to adjust the prices of Goods accordingly, or to retain in whole or in part of any undelivered Goods. Prices correct at time of print, notwithstanding errors and omissions.

3.2 Duties, taxes, fees, levies and other compulsory payments applicable to the sale of Goods, as well as freight, express, insurance and delivery charges, shall be paid in full by the Buyer, unless otherwise expressly agreed to by the Company.


4.1 The Company’s standard payment terms are as follows:

  • a. 50% deposit upon confirming order. Receipt of deposit payment from the Buyer signifies full agreement to the terms set out in this document.
  • b. 50% Balance 7 working days prior to the agreed delivery date.

4.2 VAT will be calculated on the contract at the rate in force at the time of the order. In the event of a change in the VAT rate, the Company will be required by H.M Customs & Excise to amend the rate to that which applies on the date of supply.

4.3 Payments may be made by cheque/ cash or BACS and should be handed to the Accredited Agent or Representative of the Company, and a receipt obtained. The Buyer will not be considered to have paid any amount tendered by cheque unless and until it has been credited to the Company’s bank account.

4.4 If the Buyer is to obtain a Private Loan, i.e. Building Society further advance or Bank Loan, etc, the Buyer should make their own arrangement for the balance due to be paid on the due date, i.e 7 working days prior to delivery.

4.5 If the Buyer fails to make payment in full in accordance with clause 4.1 of the Conditions then (without prejudice to any other rights that the Company may have and in addition to the loss of any discount).

4.5.1 the Buyer shall be liable to pay to the Company interest on the unpaid amount. This interest shall be calculated at 5 per cent compound interest above the Bank Base Rate.

4.5.2 the Company may suspend, without incurring any liability, all or any other deliveries to be made pursuant to that or any other contract with the Buyer. Nothing contained herein shall relieve the Buyer from their obligations to the Company under that or any such contract; or

4.5.3 instead of 4.5.2, the Company may terminate the relevant contract or any other contract with the Buyer in accordance with Condition 11 below and claim damages from the Buyer.

4.6 The Company cannot accept liability for any additional costs resulting from alterations instigated by the customer after or before the date of the Contract.


5.1 Delivery dates noted on the Contract are subject to change.

5.2 The Company shall have no liability to the Buyer for delayed delivery.

5.3 Any specific delivery requirements should be agreed with the Company at the point of purchase.

5.4 Delivery charges for orders outside mainland Britain or in the Highlands of Scotland may vary.

5.5 Please ensure that suitable access to the delivery site on the agreed delivery date is available for large vehicles and heavy items. Assistance may be required for certain deliveries. The Company shall request this in advance.

5.6 Delivery notes will be required to be signed by the customer or their authorised signatory. The customers’ signature confirms that the products being
delivered are correct and in a satisfactory condition. Any subsequent claims for damage after the products have been delivered and signed for will not be entertained by the Company.

5.7 If the Buyer fails to take delivery of the Goods or fail to give us adequate delivery instructions on the date agree for delivery, then we reserve the right to charge the Buyer delivery charges.

5.8 If the Buyer does not check the delivery is correct before Installation starts the Company will not accept liability for any additional costs that the Buyer may incur while any product issues are resolved.

5.9 The Company reserves the right to charge storage charges if orders are delivered outside 30 days.

5.10 Risk associated with the Goods shall pass to the Buyer on delivery or with the passing of title in the Goods, whichever occurs first.


6.1 The Company will remain the sole and absolute owner of each item of Goods. Title shall not pass until the payment in full has been made of:

6.1.1 the prices for the Goods;

6.1.2 and any other sums payable in respect of the goods including interest.

6.1.3 Where carriage, packing or other charges are stated separately from the price they will nevertheless be payable by the Buyer at the same time as if they
formed part of the price and shall be treated as such the Company shall be entitled to sue for the price of Goods and such other charges whether or not title in such Goods shall have passed to the Buyer in accordance with these conditions.

6.1.4 The Company reserves the right to require payment of the price before
delivery of any Goods or at any time thereafter.


7.1 The Company recommends that the Buyer examine the Goods to check that they are as ordered and undamaged within 24 hours from delivery. Please open
each box and check that everything is as ordered and appears in good condition. The Company will replace Goods free of charge that have been incorrectly supplied or damaged in transit during their delivery, with the exception of third party couriers. The Buyer must notify the Company within 24 hours from when the Goods were received, and the Company will arrange for a replacement item to be delivered and the incorrect/damaged item to be collected.

7.2 If the Buyer is not satisfied with the Goods following their examination the Buyer shall:

7.2.1 if the defect is of fundamental importance notify the Company that the Buyer refuses to accept the Goods and indicate the nature of their dissatisfaction;

7.2.2 in all other cases the defect or dissatisfaction must be indicated in writing to the company within 30 days of delivery or collection and

7.2.3 always give the Company an opportunity to inspect the Goods concerned in the condition and location at which they were off loaded.

7.3 Items being part delivered is not an adequate reason for the Buyer to reject delivery.

7.4 Product performance claims made after installation will be subject to technical investigation and the manufacturer’s warranty.

7.5 All damaged Goods, wherever possible, should be returned in their original packaging.


8.1 The Buyer will be entitled to cancel the Contract with us in the following circumstances:

8.1.1 Orders where Goods have not been installed and the Buyer is unhappy with the Goods, and the Buyer notifies us before the expiry of 30 days from delivery or collection; or

8.1.2 Where Goods supplied are faulty or not in accordance with the specifications of the Buyer’s order

8.2 In the event of cancellation of the contract being requested by the Customer and the Company accepting the same, the following charges will be made:

  • a) Administration charges £600
  • b) If manufacture of the goods ordered has started a charge of 50% of the remaining balance
  • c) If manufacture of the goods is completed, the Buyer is liable for the full value of the Contract.

8.3 The right of cancellation does not apply to special order items which must be paid for in full.

8.4 The Buyer is obliged to take care of any product that the Buyer intend to return to the Company. The returned items must be complete, unused, with unbroken seals and, in the original packaging. Please ensure that they are packed appropriately for courier collection.

8.5 The Company reserves the right to deny a refund for Goods that have been used, misused or damages whilst in the Buyer’s possession.

8.6 A refund will be reimbursed to the Buyer within 28 days from the day after the cancellation was made.


9.1 Proof of purchase is required before any warranty claim can be assessed.

9.2 Goods are sold with the benefit of such guarantee as the Company’s suppliers may specify from time to time. All appliances are excluded from the Company’s guarantee and will be subject to the appropriate manufacturer’s guarantee and after sales service. All guarantees shall be void if the full price is not paid by the due date. The guarantee is not transferable.

9.3 The Company guarantees that the quality of the products will be of a satisfactory standard. The company is not responsible for the installation of any products. Any installation of the products supplied is the sole responsibility of the customer. The company shall not be responsible for any guarantee for installation. If room dimensions have been supplied by a third party, the Company will not be responsible for accuracy.

9.4 All Nolte furniture, supplied by the Company, is protected by Noltes’ 5 Year product warranty. This guarantee covers a fault occurring as a result of a
manufacturing defect and/or failure of any material used. Specifically excluded from this warranty are breakdowns and failures caused by the negligence or misuse of items by the customer. The commencement date of the Nolte 5 year guarantee starts following the final delivery and balance payment by the customer. In the event of a call out relating to items not covered by the guarantee, the Company reserves the right to charge for any such call out.


10.1 The company will not be liable for any delays to the carrying out of installation, and the customer shall have no claim or recourse against the company in respect of any inconvenience, damage, or consequential loss of any kind arising from a delay in the provision of the specified products. Any lead times or delivery times quoted by Inter Ceramica or our suppliers are given as a guideline only.

10.2 The quality, range and colour choice ordered by the Customer will correspond to the samples demonstrated by the Company’s representative, but the Company reserves the right to incorporate reasonable changes in the specification of the products. All drawings and illustrations in the Company’s presentation documents and sales literature are intended as a guide only and shall not form part of the contract.

10.3 Granite / Quartz worktops are templated on site by our authorised suppliers during or after kitchen installation. The estimated time from templating to installation of granite/quartz worktops is 2-3 weeks. Access must be given for the authorised fitters as arranged. Failure to provide access may mean further charges become applicable.

10.4 Any concession, latitude or waiver allowed by the Company at any time shall be without prejudice to their strict and full rights under this contract, and shall not prevent the Company subsequently exercising such rights.

10.5 The Company Terms and Conditions are deemed to have been accepted by the customer in the following circumstances:

  • a) A deposit is paid by the customer.
  • b) If the customer receives goods, in part or in full from Inter Ceramica.
  • c) The Company Terms and Conditions are sent to the customer (by paper
    copy/ordinary postage/electronic copy). The Buyer’s acceptance of the
    terms is assumed unless expressly stated otherwise by the Buyer to a
    Company representative.

10.6 Ex-display products have been installed in our stores and may well have scuffs and cosmetic damage consistent with normal use and here ever possible we have tried to show affected areas prior to sale.

10.7 The Terms and Conditions do not affect the Buyer statutory rights.


11.1 The Company may terminate any contract with the Buyer if:

11.1.1 The Buyer commits breach of Conditions (including terms concerning the time for payment of the purchase price) of this or any other contract with the Company;

11.1.2 Being a company the Buyer calls any meeting of its creditors or have a Receiver or Administrator appointed or enters any liquidation.

11.2 In the event of any such termination the Company shall in addition to exercising its rights to repossession of the Goods under these Conditions be entitled by notice in writing to the Buyer to declare (and there shall forthwith become) immediately due and payable any amounts outstanding from the Buyer to the Company under this or any other contract.


12.1 Prices shown in the Company’ sale poster, point-of-sale and all other printed or digital material were correct at the time of print, notwithstanding errors and omissions. Prices are subject to change

12.2 Any promotional voucher/ offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer. Promotional codes enable customers to obtain benefits such as discounts or free gifts. These codes are non transferable so may only be used in accordance with their terms of use.


13.1 The Company’ Social Media pages are a place for our followers and customers to share experiences, tips, photos, videos and ideas in a safe and public forum. Posts by followers don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Company, it’s employees or affiliates. Although we moderate the pages between 9am – 5pm
Monday to Friday, the Company cannot be held responsible for any content found here. If you see something you find offensive please email and we will respond within 48 hours.

13.2 The Company’ pages allow followers and customers to share their personal opinions, questions and constructive feedback. The Company asks that everyone is respectful to each other and respects other peoples – opinions even if you do not agree with them.

13.3 Our policy for posts reporting an issue with our service or product is to request more details such as contact details or order details via a private message or by emailing

13.4 The Company reserves the right to remove posts at The Company’ discretion.


14.1 In the event of any circumstances, contingency or force majeure occurring beyond the control of the Company preventing, impelling or interfering with the dispatch of the whole or part of the goods, the Company reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel delivery without incurring liability for any direct or consequential loss, injury or damage which may be caused or sustained by the customer and/or cancellation.